Super Bowl Sprinkles a Hefty Profit

Football lovers, it’s almost that time again. For those who don’t know, the Super Bowl is the big American football championship that comes around every year after we fans have our laughs, cries, rage, pride-betrayals, and turkey. This is the end of the road until football season comes around again. The Super Bowl is not just famous for its game and half-time show. What many may note when watching the Super Bowl is the massive number of commercials and marketing criteria during commercial breaks. When most people connect advertising with the Super Bowl, they have to mention that advertising expenditures have always peaked on that big day.

Some of the top companies and categories, according to MarketingProfs, include automobiles, beer, motion picture, regular soft drinks, and tortilla chips.

The automobile companies have the highest year-over-year spending, expelling about $172.2 million from 2007 to 2011 in the super bowl.


General Motors (GM), after dropping many of its Facebook ads, has decided to drop out of the next Super Bowl commercial lineup.

You would think that this would cause lots of commotion with the CBS advertising team, but many companies have jumped on the opportunity to reach millions of viewers at once, pulling their heart strings and/or giving them giggles.

It’s reported that CBS has already sold 95% of their advertising spots, showing General that they can reverse into a lake is need-be. It’s clear that they don’t NEED them this year. The cost of having your company’s brand aired for only 30 seconds has reached an all-time high. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “with less than 5 percent of inventory left, CBS expects a sellout — and more than $225 million in revenue.” If your math skills are giving you a brain fart (like me), don’t worry, I’ll help you out. Thirty second commercial slots are going for 3.8 MILLION DOLLARS this upcoming year.

This goes to show how much these companies are shelling out to make you by their product. I mean do you really need another car commercial? What’s going on now? Maybe the built-in GPS you found in last year’s car has inherited the ever-popular HD features… Well at least we’re getting some entertainment.

As an aspiring advertiser myself, I can’t help but obsess over the happenings with advertising expenditures for different company’s but in times like these when charity is most-needed, that the companies wouldn’t be selling their souls to the Super Bowl… Maybe they are capable of doing both. If you look at some of the big names that bought the slots, you’d see why I say that. I’ll just name a few: Disney, GoDaddy, frito-lay, PepsiCo, and the list goes on.

JoAnn Ross, president of network sales at CBS Television, said “the automotive category is extremely healthy in the game, regardless of General Motors.” There’s obviously a little saltiness in that situation, but at least CBS isn’t LOSING profits.

On the topic of expenditures, my main reason for this post was to talk about the advertising Buffalo Wild Wings got for FREE during a recent game between the Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins. You read correctly: FREE ADVERTISING! If you’re not into football, I apologize for the possible boredom you must feel, but hang on. I thought nothing was free in this world… What happened? Well during the game, the sprinklers went off unintentionally. This was due to some computer glitch, but what many pointed out during and after the game was the event’s connection to this Buffalo Wild Wings commercial from last year. Epic! I’ve posted the video for you and you can look at the story on Sometimes the best things in advertising life come free.


And a side note for all those Beyonce fans, you can look forward to this Super Bowl’s halftime show. I’m sure if you just tune in to half-time, you’ll be subliminally hit with at least 30 advertisements (print, commercial, and symbolic) by the time Mrs. Knowles-Carter gets to the chorus of her song. Isn’t it just amazing how advertising works?


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