Refined Advertising: Turning ads into artwork

Credit: La Curacao

As I have stated before, I admire the ability of AdsoftheWorld to constantly produce monthly advertising showcases that display the ability of advertisers to effectively utilize a medium (print, video, etc.) to convey their respective messages. To pay homage to them and their talent, I am posting a series of advertisements that I believe effectively use art to make a simple ad concept more appealing. The above advertisement is for a hispanic department store chain that is headquartered in Los Angeles. They sell many different items, including this blender. The name of the image is “Naranja con Zanahoria” which means “Orange with Carrot”(representing a couple of things that can be blended to make a shake or smoothie in one of their blenders) in Spanish. The tagline of the advertisement is “Mezcla es un arte” which means “mixture is an art”. I agree with this statement, and the mixture of advertising with art is a skill that can make for a very effective tool of persuasion.



BFW Badminton: This advertisement for the Badminton World Federation makes great use of action lines to bring life to a sport that some people may look at as casual and not very competitive. People actually put forth as much effort, if not more, than a volleyball player would in a professional match. This ad helps show that the sport can be much more exciting than it may seem.



Purell Hand Sanitizer: This advertisement surprisingly doesn’t draw a completely grotesque image that scares consumers into using their product. Instead, the creators of this ad decided to go in another direction and went with a simple portrait of awareness. The hand depicted in this ad contains various images of all of the things you may come in contact with in the course of a day. Some of the things, as people may not be aware, have germs on them and can potentially harm them




Invaders Pest Control: The simplistic artwork used in this advertisement drives the point what the business is trying to accomplish. The mosquito is being disintegrated and basically removed completely. When the image of disintegration comes to mind, you think about Marvin the Martian with a ray gun leaving only a pile of dust. I believe that was the message that they were trying to convey: When you enlist the services of Invaders, they set out to completely remove any pest you may have in your house/office/other space.




Anthropomorphism, or the appearance of human traits or emotions in a non-human entity, is used in this commercial for Maynards wine gums. Maynards is a candy manufacturer based in the United Kingdom and Canada. Their main candy is wine gums, so it makes sense to portray their candy in the way that they do in the commercial. The mouth and the gummies are given human bodies, and the mouth exhibits an unrelenting desire to eat the candies. He chases them around any location the candies may be; whether it may be in a tennis court like they are in this commercial, a park, a fishing hole, or anywhere else. The gummies show fear and run off every time one of them may spot their hungry pursuer. I think this is an interesting way to show consumers that their candies are both delicious and in high demand. It’s goofy, but effective.

For reference, here’s the link again to the page that inspired this post:


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